Cyprus Centre of the I.T.I.

The “bUilt-uP aRea” theatre group in its first production frontally collides with Euripides’ Medea to give birth to an explosive performance, steeped in the power of the ancient logos and the passion of today’s artists. In a migrant reception camp, in a non-place, out of time, Medea will fight to defend her dignity in any way and at any cost. On stage three actors brutally confront each other. And there, accomplices in this, a musician and a theatre director are present. Five creators unfold the myth of the foreigner, the woman who rebels against any kind of authority and stands against any logic. Neither for yesterday nor for tomorrow. For now.

Director’s Note

“either think less or be capable for more”

Euripides wrote this. I liked it. It’s open to interpretations. And it allows you to make choices. And it is, in any way, a wise exhortation. A good exhortation of course would also be for me to shut down my computer, to put this text aside, the translations on the shelf and go to sleep, because dawn came again and in a little while everyone will come for the rehearsal – again – and it doesn’t matter if the lack of sleep is preventing me from speaking, but I must definitely be in a position to listen.

It’s difficult for me though. Medea keeps me awake. Her voice. The voice of all those who have no home or homeland or even worse, the voice of all those who have no hope anymore. And they are many. One can be a refugee and a stranger even inside his own body.

And why Medea? Because she managed to think and was able to do more at the same time. And she managed to show us that there is a way, neither easy nor painless. But a way exists. We just have to be silent. And listen. We forgot how to listen and that’s why we have nothing to say to each other anymore. So I will be the first to fall into silence. And I will leave this text alone to find its way into time and meet you, my dear spectator. And now that we met my friend and we chat, I would like to thank you for being here and for giving meaning to our endeavor. I would like to thank the Cyprus Centre of the I.T.I. for providing roof for our voice. And I thank all my colleagues who helped me to think more. And I would like to thank Euripides because, not intentionally maybe, he was extremely generous with me.


bUilt uP aRea

This group was not created, nor was it founded. This group was discovered. It always existed somewhere out there, we just didn’t notice it. The same as Australia, lets say – that is so much bigger and has more members than this group – how could Australia (for heaven’s sake) ever escape our attention for so long?

And yet, someone had to look there. And that is what we did. I speak of the group. We looked a bit further than our gaze could reach; a bit outside our body. And we discovered more children with sand buckets. And we joined our buckets and we play. And we built and are being loud at the same time. And we try to add a little color to our thought.

And we shout. Because we have to. Because there is no other way. Because a city is not the wasteland of the buildings. A city is its citizens.


Translation: Minos Volanakis
Direction: Panayiotis Larkou
Music: Dimitris Spyrou
Settings and Costumes: Maya Angeli
Choreography: Alexia Nicolaou
Lighting design: Nicolas Kouroumtzis

Vasiliki Kypreou, Petros Yiorkatzis, Stelios Iacovides, Dimitris Spyrou, Panayiotis Larkou