Cyprus Centre of the I.T.I.

On his return from a trip Demeas finds his mistress, Chrysis, with a baby in her arms! And as if that was not enough, he accidentally finds out that the father of the baby is his son Moschion. Moschion however is in love with the daughter of their neighbor Nikeratos, Plangon, who is the real mother of the baby, Moschion being indeed the father. The heroes get entangled in a series of comic misunderstandings, while Moschion is desperately trying to marry his beloved one, Plangon.

Director’s Note

Our common undertaking with the poet Yiannis Varveris to linguistically analogize Menander in purist Greek and to analogize the direction with the Athenian customs common at the beginning of the 20th century, resulted in a version of Samia as a colorful operetta with songs.

Samia is a labor of great love that all of us created with zest, aiming at an aesthetic result where grace reigns. It is a theatre work of tender nostalgia for a world that has vanished leaving behind only a magnificent perfume.

In this route my friend Yiannis Varveris kept me company at every single moment.

Evis Gavrielides

Cyprus Theatre Organisation

The Cyprus Theatre Organisation was founded in 1971, as the first serious attempt by the State to institutionalize the long theatrical tradition in Cyprus, which goes back to antiquity and arises from the need of Cypriots for public debate, education and entertainment. The continuous theatrical and artistic cultivation and expansion of relations of the theatre in Cyprus and the international theatre scene remain firm values that govern the course of the Cyprus Theatre Organisation since its foundation.

The Cyprus Theatre Organisation is a lively organization that in the 42 years of its creative course it has contributed to the creation and the cultivation of the theatre audience. A look back at the theatre activity that the Cyprus Theatre Organisation has produced would impress even the most apprehensive or indifferent audience: high quality performances, highlighting major artistic forces of the country in parallel with a fruitful 25-year presence at the Epidaurus Festival with memorable performances and important acting. The performances staged by the Cyprus Theatre Organisation have travelled to many foreign countries

The Cyprus Theatre Organisation offers to the public performances in three stages: the Central Stage, the New Stage and the Stage 018 (for children and adolescents)

In 1986 the Theatre Development Department of the Cyprus Theatre Organisation was founded. Some of its activities are indicatively mentioned here: funding and support of the independent theatres, building and renovating of theatre spaces, organization of seminars and lectures, supporting the amateur and students’ theatre groups, playwriting contests and cooperations with foreign organizations and the founding of the Cyprus Theatre Museum.

Today the Cyprus Theatre Organisation is without doubt one of the most important cultural institutions in Cyprus and it is the core of the theatre activity in Cyprus, with an ambitious international artistic presence and a broad activity in theatre development.


Translation: Yiannis Varveris
Direction: Evis Gavrielides
Set-Costume design: Giorgos Ziakas
Music: Michalis Christodoulides
Choreography: Isidoros Sideris
Lighting design: Giorgos Koukoumas
Music instruction: Maro Skordi
Assistant director: Nayia Anastasiadou
Assistant choreographer: Stella Krouska
Assistant set designer: Kristi Polydorou
Ζωγραφική εκτέλεση σκηνικού: Dimitris Savva
Graffiti: Dimitris Markou

Cast (in order of appearance):
Prokopis Agathokleous, Thea Christodoulidou, Alkinoos Ioannides, Niovi Charalambous, Stela Firogeni, Costas Demetriou, Dimitris Antoniou, Anna Yiagiozi, Spyros Stavrinides, Stavros Louras

Neoklis Neokleous, Sotos Stavrakis, Christina Christofia, Alexandros Parisis, Margarita Zachariou, Marios Constantinou, Andreas Koutsoumbas, Niki Dragoumi, Andri Kyriakou, Andreas Filaktou, Constantinos Gavriel, Stella Krouska.